Funnychia’s Favorites 2016

The following products are my favorite finds of the past year.  I hope you find some new favorites here too.

Shortie’s Candle Company Black Cherry Votives, Lemon Blueberry jar candle

Shortie’s Candle Company produced my favorite find of 2016.   My first purchase was a box of their Black Cherry scented votives (six in a box).  I started lighting one votive the first night.   The description indicates the candle will last about fifteen hours, and that may be a conservative estimate.   Unlit, the Black Cherry scented votives have a very pleasant fruity fragrance, but when lit, the fragrance is less fruity and more clean.  It’s a good combination.  The alternative would be sweet and fruity, and I’m glad the candle’s scent is less sugary and more clean.  I used the first votive in the living room, and I could smell the fragrance throughout the room.  The candle burned clean — there was no smoke residue on my jar.    It burned all of the wax, so there wasn’t any wasted wax.  I used the next votive in the bathroom, to chase away the unpleasant odors.  Somehow, it mixes quite well with the stinky air, and I can only smell the wonderful Black Cherry scent – it works better than the bathroom fan!

Because I was so impressed, I began purchasing their jar candles just to make sure the votives weren’t a fluke!   I ordered a Lemon Blueberry 16.5 oz. jar candle.  The jar includes a lid, but I can often catch a whiff of the candle even when it hasn’t been lit and the jar has its lid on.

Shortie’s Candles are hand poured using a soft food grade paraffin wax blend.  They are made in the USA with natural and essential oils.  The candle burns clean because it is made with a natural fiber wick – absolutely lead-free.  And this candle, being 16.5 ounces, is expected to burn for about 110 hours.

Yes, these candles are a bit pricey – however, I used to sell Partylite, and these candles are far better than those, and Bath & Body Works candles also cannot even compare.

In summary, these candles have good fragrance, good fragrance throw, clean burn, and an efficient burn that uses all the wax.  I give it a hearty stamp of approval.

You can check out the selection from Shortie’s Candle Company here:

Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream Artisans Holiday Gift Set

I discovered this hand cream set when doing Christmas shopping in 2015.  This set includes 5 1 oz. tubes of hand cream – Peppermint, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Fig, Butterscotch and White Pumpkin.  It is also the first time I’ve used goat’s milk products and I am impressed.

I used the White Pumpkin first, and it smelled more like cinnamon eggnog than pumpkin.  Personally, I don’t care for pumpkin-fragranced items, so I loved it!  Next, I used the Peppermint hand cream and finally emptied the tube a month ago.

I started using the set at work in January 2016.  It is now December 2016 and I am only on my third tube.  This set will likely last me another year. I’m very happy with this set.   You can purchase it here:

The Honest Company Healing Balm Soothing Protection & Relief for Sensitive Skin & Diaper Rash,3 oz.

This product was recommended to me by my beautician.  I have worn glasses forever, and the area where my glasses rest behind my ears can get very irritated.  She was kind enough to use this Organic Healing Balm on my ears.  She noticed a difference in a matter of 20-30 minutes.  I so appreciated this that I went home and ordered a couple tubes.

I use it on my dry and scaly parts, including behind my ears, my nose (again, glasses are an issue), and my eyebrows (sure, let’s blame the glasses – it could also be having my brows “shaped”).  The healing balm works great.

A couple things to note – some of the balm seems beaded, and you can just crush the beads and rub them between your fingers before applying.  Secondly, I’ve noticed this when I use it on my brows – I apply it before bed so it can do its healing in my sleep.  The next morning, I have to make sure I clean the area well, so none of the balm drifts into my eyes, since it burns.  Overall, I love this product and recently purchased the belly balm for dry areas with stretch marks – my abdomen, upper arms and upper thighs.  You can purchase the Organic Healing Balm here:

Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream, 1: Cleanse/Tone, 6.75 fl oz (200 ml)

I was introduced to this product when I had a full makeover from cleansing to makeup.  I am not good about using it every single day, but I have noticed that when I do, my creases (the parentheses around my nose and mouth) are much less prominent.  The fragrance is very pleasant.

From the tube –

“Rich, cream cleanser removes dirt and impurities while combatting dry, lackluster skin.”

It also has papaya enzyme, algae extract, apricot and sunflower oils, in addition to “essential fatty acids”.

You can purchase it here:

Santiro Women’s Lightweight Yoga Mat Thong Sandals Flip-flops

I found these this summer while browsing online.  These yoga mat sandals came packaged in a cute reusable bag useful for traveling or for toting other objects.  The soles are lightweight but sturdy.  They are very comfortable – they are prettier than flip-flops and yet not full coverage sandals, so I tested them by wearing them to my office job for a full day.  They were comfortable all day long.

I appreciated the support of the straps that held my feet to the sandals.  These are also good for doing laundry – my laundry room is in the basement.  It is too dirty for bare feet, and my preference is to wear shoes that are easy to put on or remove.  These fit that need.  It’s easy to walk up and down stairs because the straps hold the shoe on as opposed to some shoes where you have to clench your foot muscles so you don’t lose the shoe as you walk up and down stairs.  The straps are of a lightweight material, a flexible jersey.  They are pleasant to wear.  I experienced some soreness between my toes after two days of wearing the sandals, so I don’t recommend wearing them every single day.

I wear a size 6.5 or 7 and the size 7 sandals were perfect.  You can see this product for yourself here:

P.S. I reviewed some of the above products on, so a couple of my entries will closely resemble an online review.

I linked up here:   Check it out!

Funnychia's Favorites 2016
Funnychia’s Favorites 2016


Before & After: Pantry Organization Project

Although I finished my pantry organization project, my plan was originally to organize my Craft Room / Home Office combo room, and I sorted enough to clear a space on the floor and began working on the closet. I knew a lot needed to be removed, like a bookcase that I wanted to put into the pantry.  So, after unloading half of my closet, I transported the bookcase to the pantry, and took on the pantry organization project.

This is the “before” pic.

Pantry "Before"
Pantry “Before”

My pantry is in a closet off the kitchen, and I like to simply turn off the light and shut the door, ignoring the mess within.  For the past few months, I’ve been keeping my new groceries in the kitchen where I can find them rather than deal with the full pantry.  Obviously, I managed to cram all my bulk purchases in here from my last Costco visit.

I measured the bookcase and the space available for it.  The bookcase is 25.5″ wide, and the space available is 27″.  I unloaded all the stuff from the main area, scrubbed the floor with Lysol wipes, and then moved in the bookcase. It was a very tight fit.

Over the weekend, I reloaded the pantry.  Pulling out what does not belong, throwing away expired food (seriously, if I haven’t used it yet and it’s expired, I don’t need it), and then putting it all back.  And I even put away the foods (canned goods) that I had setting on my counters because I didn’t want to lose them in the pantry.

This is how it looks now.

Pantry "After"
Pantry “After”

In addition to the bookcase, I added a red rug from my bathroom.  (I have new items for my bathroom that I’ve been procrastinating using – and I’m glad I did, otherwise I may not have had this rug available!)  My hope is that with a pretty rug there,  I won’t load up the pantry floor with stuff.

I placed an order for a tiered expandable shelf for the canned goods on the top shelf of the bookcase.  Right now, the middle shelf of the bookcase is holding my Tupperware cake taker, a thermal casserole carrier and my Godiva hot chocolate set from Christmas (gift to myself).

The bottom shelf of the bookcase is holding my boxes of cereal.  And the lowest shelf on the right is holding quite a bit of stuff.  In the back corner next to the bookcase, I have my stock of paper products – boxes of tissue, paper towels, napkins, etc., to the right (if you were in the pantry), I have my bulk food items, and then closer to the door, I have my unopened plastic wrap, aluminum foil wrap, and other things in that size box inside that drawer.  On top of the drawer, I have a basket with my vacuum cleaner bags and attachments.  The shelf above that is mostly food.  I guess I could have done some more rearranging before taking the picture, but I was anxious to get moving.

Finally, here is a picture taken after the tiered shelf for the canned goods arrived and I had the chance to use it and rearrange things again.

Pantry - Final "After"
Pantry – Final “After”


Thanks for reading!  Have a good week!