The 24-hour Sims Challenge

I’ve been playing The Sims since the original game came out in 2000.  I was late to The Sims 4, because I barely played The Sims 3 when it came out, so I waited until Thanksgiving weekend 2018 to purchase The Sims 4.  It was on sale for $9.99 (right now, The Sims 4 is on sale at Origin for $4.99 from 12/21/18 to 1/11/19). 

The factors in delaying my purchase were that I wanted to play The Sims 3 more before moving on, and the price was too high.  I play computer games more in the winter months and have actually been alternating between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 since acquiring The Sims 4. 

I use Google whenever I have gameplay questions or encounter bugs or glitches.  Because of that, I found the 24 Hour Sims Challenge on Youtube.  The originator of the challenge is Kai Morgan, who wanted to see what would happen if he were as productive as one of his Sims.  Sims seem to get a lot more promotions and increase their skills much more quickly than us ordinary humans.   

How the challenge works: 1) Create a Sim that looks like you and has similar character traits.  2) Create a Sim home like your home too.  3)  Start playing the game and let the Sim do whatever he/she want without your intervention for 24 Sim hours and keep track of everything he/she does.  4) Then, live out your Sim’s life in your own life.

I only did part of the challenge, because I was curious to see what my Sim-self would do.  I created a Sim and gave her the traits of cheerful (I am), cat-lover (I love them but am allergic to them) and neat (I am not).  I also gave her the writing aspiration (that’s true of me too).  I gave her a cat named Snowflake, which I of course do not have.  Then I let the game run.


My Sim-self playing computer games while Snowflake (the cat) sleeps in the corner.

I learned very quickly I should not have made her “Neat.”  She cleaned her desk by spraying and wiping seven times throughout the day.  The crazy Sim also went to bed at 8:30 p.m. Well, you can look at her schedule here: 

10 Cleaning desk by spraying and wiping
10:10 Plays Blicblock (aka Tetris for real people)
10:27 Plays Sims Forever (Sims version of The Sims)
11:30 Pets Snowflake
11:41 Play Blicblock
12:26 Cleans desk
12:41 Plays Sims Forever
13:06 Play Blicblock
13:16 Uses toilet – small bathroom
13:26 Stands up
13:35 Finishes washing hands
13:40 Plays Sims Forever
14:00 Cleans desk
14:18 Plays Blicblock
15:07 Plays Sims Forever
15:36 Cleans desk
15:58 Plays Blicblock
16:01 Pets Snowflake
16:05 Plays Incredible Sports
17:14 Cleans desk
17:33 Goes to fridge and pulls out cheese crackers
17:46 Sits at table and eats
18:12 Laughs randomly
18:27 Finishes eating and stands up, puts away empty dish in dish-washer
18:40 Plays Incredible Sports
19:00 Washes hands in small bathroom
19:09 Plays Incredible Sports
19:29 Cleans desk
19:47 Plays Sims Forever
20:22 Stands up
20:29 Goes to bed and sleeps
2:26 Wakes up, gets up, makes bed
2:30 Plays Blicblock
2:52 Brews tea – finishes at 3:09 a.m.
3:23 Pets Snowflake
3:36 Finishes drinking tea and puts cup in dishwasher
3:40 Uses toilet in small bathroom
3:50 Stands and flushes
3:56 Finishes washing hands
4:00 Laughs giddily at watching the cat eat
4:04 Plays Sims Forever
4:20 Still playing The Sims Forever, rubs her hands together and
laughs with mischievous glee
4:57 Gets ham and cheese sandwich from refrigerator and sits
down to eat
5:26 Pets Snowflake
5:37 Resumes eating sandwich and puts dish in dishwasher at 6:23
6:24 Plays Sims Forever
6:45 Cleans desk
7:03 I intervened, and Sim adjusted thermostat because it’s winter – she continues to stand by the thermostat until 7:20 a.m.
7:25 Pets Snowflake
7:33 Plays Blicblock
8:14 Cleans desk
8:30 Resumes playing computer games
8:49 Washes hands in small bathroom
9:02 Plays Blicblock
9:20 Pets Snowflake
9:26 Plays computer games
9:58 Gets up to talk to Snowflake
10:00 a.m. Walks to find Snowflake

Different Youtubers have completed the challenge and there are a couple dozen videos posted.  Here are a few favorites:



Buzzfeed Multiplayer with Kelsey Impicciche

Kawaii Kunicorn not only followed the schedule but also ACTED like a Sim.

If you missed it, the original one was by
Kai Morgan, although Emma Blackery is usually given credit.

Thanks for reading!