Color Street: Review


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This is an honest review of Color Street products.  I don’t normally have my nails done because it’s more important to me that my hands and nails remain functional, and I get knicks and such very quickly when I do get a manicure.

Sample Test

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me samples of Color Street nail polish strips.  I had enough for four fingers – well, two thumbs and two ring fingers.  I used regular liquid nail polish on the other fingers.  The turquoise nails are the Color Street nail polish strips, and the red nails are the regular nail polish.

As you can see, I’m really not that good at applying these things.  I pushed back my cuticles with my fingernails instead of looking for an orange stick.  You can see the polish is partly on the skin.  My thumb is squarer than the sample allowed.

This was my better hand.  My other hand looked much worse because I just couldn’t rest long enough to let the red polish dry.

Each kit comes with a prep cloth to remove oils or lotions before application.  I lined up the nail strips along my fingers to see which fingers would work best with the samples.

Then, you remove the clear cover and peel the polish strip.  It’s like a sticker.  You’ll remove the tab and then apply to your nail.  You can gently stretch the strip to fit if necessary.

Massage your nail to make sure the strip sticks.  Start at the base and then move toward the end.  The instructions are to gently file excess or remove with fingernail.  I pushed down on my nails at the end to make a perforation, and then I tore the remainder off.

Official Color Street Manicure

One week later, I attended a Color Street party.  The Stylist, Wendy, did my nails for me.  First, I worked on my own cuticles with an orange stick and then buffed my nails with a nail file.  We removed the nail polish entirely from my left hand and replaced it with this blue ombre glitter (Arctic Evening).

This was done completely with samples and in low light.  I see now that there was a little more room at the base of my nails, but really, no one noticed and I showed off the manicure for a couple weeks!

The other hand is completely in the turquoise set (Southwest Dream).  I maintained the ring finger’s sample from a week earlier and the rest of the nails were newly applied.

Once I had pretty nails on both hands, I showed them off and used my hands as I normally do – washing dishes, using the computer, doing paper filing , picking my teeth, swimming in a pool a few times, etc.  The only thing I didn’t do that I wanted to do was exfoliate my feet with a sugar scrub.  I knew that would mess up the manicure.

And this is how my hands looked two weeks later.

A little bit of wear and tear around the edges and a little nail growth are obvious.  If my nails were getting too long and in my way, I pulled out my nail clippers.  They grow fast, so that’s a normal occurrence.

And here is the other hand.

You can see the ring finger has had a lot of wear, but the polish was about three weeks old on that nail.

My verdict is that it is a wonderful product.  The photos don’t do justice to the product.  In the photos, I think the turquoise looks better, but in real life, the blue ombre glitter nails were beautiful.

I will definitely get more Color Street products in the future.

You are welcome to shop with my Independent Stylist for Color Street, Wendy, at

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